Stream Sequoia’s new album ‘Apple’

Hey everyone! Let’s take a look back to when I interviewed Sequoia Sellinger on her music, inspirations, and interests here:

I have a few EP’s and albums on my Bandcamp. What I study is actually classical composition, so I write a lot of instrumental contemporary music, and I do a lot of film scoring. The Junior BFA did Marat/Sad at the Performing Arts Center and I wrote the music for Marat/ Sade last semester. I had also collaborated with playwright Jeff Weiss, and we wrote a musical together that we’re producing together may 1st and 2nd. Right now I’m working on the Yellow Wall Paper as their incidental composer. I’m a little over the place when it comes to music.

The EP mentioned above has been recently released, and you can stream it online on her Bandcamp page or buy it for $5 (or more if you wish.) Take a listen below:

Watch System Of A Down’s first show in Armenia: Live!

This is System Of A Down‘s first time playing in Armenia since they’ve announced their world tour in November. They’ve dedicated the tour to the memory of the Armenian Genocide’s 100-year anniversary in April.

According to Alternative Press:

“As a band, it’s been one of our dreams to play in Armenia,” said lead vocalist Serj Tankian. “To be able to play in the homeland of our forefathers while respecting the memory of those that perished in the first genocide of the 20th century will be an honor.”

These are their tour dates and locations:

April 10 — London/UK @ Wembley Arena
April 13 – Cologne/Germany @ Lanxess Arena
April 14 – Lyon/France @ La Halle Tony Garnier
April 16 – Brussels/Belgium @ Forest National
April 17 – Amsterdam/Netherlands @ Ziggo Dome
April 20 – Moscow/Russia @ Olympisky
April 23 – Yerevan/Armenia @ Republic Square

Tonight Alive cancel shows in ID and FL 

Australian alternative rock band Tonight Alive is currently on tour with All Time Low, but unfortunately has to call it quits to a few shows in Idaho and Florida. The band’s drummer Matt Best was recently diagnosed with tendinosis and can’t keep performing since the pain is only getting worse. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to quit the whole tour though, since the band reassured their fans that they will keep on going for their future dates and return back to these states once they’re ready. Take a look at the letter written by Matt to his fans:

Hey guys,

I’m really sorry to say that we have to cancel the upcoming Boise, ID and Jacksonville, FL headline shows.

I was recently diagnosed with tendinosis and tears within the TFCC (ligaments and cartilage) of my wrist during Soundwave 2015. Although it’s been very painful to play, I’ve been getting through the album recording and All Time Low shows with a lot of painkillers and 24/7 care but it’s been getting harder and I’m having more trouble than I thought. Right now we’ve realized that there is just no way I would be able to play a full headline show. The All Time Low support shows are 30 minutes long and I’m only just about getting through them. I’m in need of surgery as soon as I get back to Australia, so I’ll be fit and ready to go on the next tour providing the rehab goes well. We really hate to cancel any shows and we promise to come back to Boise and Jacksonville just as soon as we can. I’m sorry for any inconveniences that may occur from this.

Thank you for all your support and understanding,


Owl City returns with new music: TBA

How’s it going, readers?

Adam Young has recently released a statement to fans addressing his recent silence in his music, and how he’s actually been busy creating new material this whole time. It’s been quite a while since his last album, ‘The Midsummer Station’, was released back in 2012, and he’s hoping to come back with even greater songs. 

With a few recent releases and collaborations such as his holiday single “Kiss Me Babe, It’s Christmas Time”, we haven’t heard much from Adam Young. Although he’s to begin his 2015 tour in Asia beginning May 8th in the Philippines, we’re all glad that he’s been creating new ear-candy for us to indulge in. Take a look at the hand-written note below:   He has also written a statement on his blog furthering the inside scoop of what he’s been working on:

At last, my 100% finished album, converted down to mp3s, sits in a folder on my computer. In this folder is the consummation of everything I’ve worked so hard on over the past two years and beyond. Some songs came into being only months ago, others were born of demos I made 7+ years ago and felt were not suited to appear on Ocean Eyes. This album spans years of inspiration and it embodies a creative integrity I’ve learned to strengthen and purify in myself. I cannot wait to present this album to those who feel a connection to my music – and for those who don’t, I hope they can simply move on without resenting the artistic choices I am so wholeheartedly proud of making. The year is 2015. Owl City is back.

We can’t wait to hear what he has waiting for us!

Of Machines vocalist MIA along with raised funds

  With plenty of fans eagerly awaiting post-hardcore rock band Of Machines‘ new EP, lead vocalist Dylan Anderson had disappeared along with more than $3,000 donated by fans into their crowd funding account. Unfortunately with little detail, we’re unsure as to why any of this is happening and where the money has gone. Additionally, the band claims to have no control over the account that the money was put in to, except for Anderson.

Formally known as We Are Kings, Of Machines have only released one album titled ‘ As If Everything Was Held In Place’ back in 2009. With intent of releasing their final album, ‘Chroma Dreamcoat’, it looks like it isn’t happening at all. Take a look at the statement written by the band to their fans about the whole bizarre situation:

Hey everyone,

With a heavy heart.. it doesn’t seem like the chroma season ep is going to happen… After months of trying to contact Dylan he, unfortunately, is MIA. Music has been written, but without a vocalist this ep doesn’t seem possible. 

Thank you to everyone who believed in us so much enough to give us a second chance to record. We really wish we were able to provide you with more. 

As far as refunds please contact Dylan Anderson, we hope he will do the right thing and refund everyone their money they donated. If anyone else in the band had access to any of the pay pal accounts refunds would have already be given. But unfortunately the donation account was under his name. 

Thank you everyone for your support. you all are the best people we have ever had to believe in us. 

We love you all.

If anyone would like we could release our demos with out vocals and all of you could finish our ep with us.

Panic! At The Disco releases ‘Hallelujah’

P!ATD has released the audio for ‘Hallelujah’ along with this message, written by Brendon Urie to his fans:

Hello my fellow sinners,

First off, thank you. Thank you for always being there. For speaking your mind. For following what you believe. For allowing me to grow. For granting me the opportunity to live my dream. Words simply can’t express my full appreciation and gratitude for you.

As I begin what feels like a new chapter of my life, I’m filled with immense excitement and a fresh sense of hope. I’ve seen this band through every phase, every change, every hardship. And yet my appreciation and love grows with every breath.

So I lift my arms in praise of your greatness. YOU are great. YOU are beautiful. YOU are talented, and smart, and kind, and loving, and generous, and simply amazing.

And you make me want to scream “HALLELUJAH!” from the top of my lungs with every bit of fervor and strength I possess. And I invite you to join me as you have over and over again.

So Hallelujah, my fellow sinners. Hallelujah.

Brendon Urie
Panic! At The Disco

brendan urieIt’s unclear whether this new song is part of a larger, newer album or if it’s just a single. The band’s last full album was in 2013 ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare To Die!’ either way, this is a pretty awesome tune that’s actually sticking close to their original sound. Even after the recent departure of drummer Spencer Smith, the band was able to get back on their feet and release this single with a positive message sent to all their listeners and fans. Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or tweet us @GMNMedia!

The Wonder Years Finishes 5th Album

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.08.22 PMGet excited, readers! Philadelphia-born pop-punk band The Wonder Years have just finished recording their fifth full-length studio album. Band member Nick Steinborn had also announced the news on his Twitter account, gaining the attention of fans everywhere. Having successfully released their previous album The Greatest Generation in 2013, the band is already on their way in selling hundreds of copies of their new album with their previous one selling over 19 thousand copies via Hopeless Records.

the wonder years While you’re waiting for their album release, (which, by the way, there is no set date…yet) you can see them live on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. Check out their tour dates below:

Find Tickets
Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA
11:00 AM
See Tickets
NRG Park Main St Yellow Lot Houston, TX
11:00 AM
See Tickets
Gexa Energy Pavilion Dallas, TX
11:00 AM
See Tickets
Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood Atlanta, GA
11:00 AM
See Tickets
Vinoy Park St. Petersburg, FL
11:00 AM
See Tickets
Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the S. Fla Fairgrounds fka Cruzan Amph West Palm Beach, FL
11:00 AM
See Tickets
Tinker Field Orlando, FL
11:00 AM
See Tickets

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Smash Mouth on Tour with Tonic & Toad The Wet Sprocket

Smash Mouth announces tour with Toad The Wet Sprocket and Tonic. Kicking off June 19th in Washington and ending July 10th in Illinois. Once tickets become available, we’ll update this post with the link!

According to Alternative Press:

“Super excited to hit the road this summer with the guys from Toad and Tonic! Get ready because as you know Smash Mouth will be bringing the party!” says Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell.

“So much of the time we spend on the road, we always miss friends in other bands by one day or one city,” adds Tonic’s Emerson Hart. “We are looking forward to playing music with some old friends and being able to actually watch them play. It’s going to be a fun summer.”

smash mouth tour


June 19 Woodinville, WA @ Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
June 20 Reno, NV @ Eldorado BBQ, Blues Brews Festival
June 21 Jacksonville, OR @ Britt Festival Pavillion
June 23 Redding, CA @ Redding Civic Auditorium
June 24 Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery
June 26 Temecula, CA @ Pechanga Theater
June 27 Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont Street Experience
June 28 San Diego, CA @ Humphrey’s
June 30 Park City, UT @ Deer Valley Amphitheatre
July 2 Arvada, CO @ Arvada Center Arts & Humanities
July 4 O’Fallon, MO @ Ozzie Smith Sports Complex
July 5 Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
July 9 Oshkosh, WI @ Waterfest Leach Amphitheater
July 10 Aurora, IL @ RiverEdge Park

Gab.riel / Noah Kantor: Interview

Tonight we’re bringing Noah Kantor to the spotlight as he tells us about the awesome inner workings of his music. Starting out as something simple, his work eventually turned out to be something much bigger. Focused more on the electronic side of music, Noah brings something much more different to the table: Music that puts you into a trance and even changes your current mood.

What inspires you to do these experiments and have an outcome so awesome, that you’re literally creating music that go in all sorts of different directions?

NoahI only really started around December 2014. I started making music here and there, they were little bits of experiments. The one that I like isn’t really a music track, it’s more of an atmospheric sound piece. You’ve probably listened to a little bit of it.

I’m a New Media major, I’m very experienced with video editing, graphic design, editorial design. When I took my intro to sound class, I kind of started off with a very basic set of skills. I’ve used the program Audacity before, it’s a great program but not very powerful. After a while I realized that I was very limited in terms of what I wanted to do. Then I downloaded a preview copy of Reaper. This let me edit things as though I would in a video with different layers, and it made more sense.

That’s where the atmospheric piece ‘Lost Hope’ came from. A transcription of a tabletop role playing game adventure. It was a game that my friends and I started playing. I recorded the entire session on a hand held audio recorder, just for the hell of it. then thought “Hey, if I listen to this later, it’ll be fun.” It was actually pretty terrifying. The guy running in the game, bits of shutting off lights, feeling around for character sheets, it was kind of an in the moment thing, but it was actually really freaky, after it was all said and done, I thought: ‘well, why not turn this into a story?’ so I took snippets of that audio, took a whole bunch of extra sound effects (some that I created myself or modified) and I put it all together into that short story piece. I realized that I didn’t have a lot of music to put into it. I thought “You know what? Why don’t I make some music? I shouldn’t be so limited to using what other people have.”

ersatzSo I started working on I/O a little bit after that. It had a running narrative to it. When I was working on the music, I tried to base it on the narrative. I quickly realized that doing that means making my albums really long. So more recently I started making more stand alone pieces. I know Ersatz is one of the albums where I started working on more pure sound quality instead of going for something narrative based. It’s kind of a zen exercise.

When I was working on the reaper wave style albums… technically those fall under future funk? But it’s not as fast paced. Continue reading

Hear, Hear: The newest Rock ‘n Roll band

How’s it going readers?

hear hear band

For anyone looking to listen to some new tunes: Hear, Hear is a new rock and roll band formed by Kate Puckett and Matt Lloyd. Ever listened to a song and realize it’s the catchiest thing you’ve heard all week? Or I’m sure you’ve found a moment in your life where you meet a certain band or singer and just assume they’re famous? That’s what this is like. Up-and-coming Hear Hear is currently touring from Tennessee through LA, getting their name and music known to thousands of already and potential fans. With Kate as vocals/keys, and Matt as guitar/vocals, this duo really brings something different to the table and you guys should definitely give them a listen.

11096390_1599418723639664_8418823585046700782_oGive Me Noise! had the opportunity to ask them: “What are few things future fans would love to know about you guys that’s not on currently on your bio?” To which they responded: Matt played basketball in HS and is a HUGE sports fan. Kate is a big Xbox gamer & loves to play Black ops 2 and Advanced Warfare Zombies. Hear Hear has shared the stage with Alien Ant Farm, The Ataris, Saving Jane, MercyMe, The Newsboys, and plenty more. We’d love to hear them come to New York City and show us what they’ve got! You can download their EP on iTunes here ,you can also visit their youtube page here.